By CRW News

LONDON: It is very important for those jobless skilled workers (Tier 2), which includes healthcare workers, to check their immigration status online. Particularly for those who became jobless from their parent sponsor in UK.

One of the community members informed this website that he found out through the UK Home Office online service that he is not allowed to work in the UK anymore. He informed us that he never received any notifications from the Home Office by email or post.

We insisted him to check for any correspondences from Home Office in his email address which he used when he registered with the Home Office and also check the postal address given to the Home Office during the time of his arrival in the UK.

On checking his previous email he was shocked to find a letter from Home Office stating that his employer had informed them that he was not in employment with them anymore. The Home Office cancellation letter also said that he will have to make arrangements to leave the UK within the 60 days. In his case he saw the letter only after the 60th day. He was asked to seek legal guidance and was signposted to a solicitor.

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Please see below some important highlights from the 60 day letter sent to him on 02 Feb 2024

Your entry clearance as a Tier 2 – Skilled Worker Migrant Health & Care has been cancelled so that it now ends on 02 April 2024.

What this means for you:

You still have permission until 02 April 2024 and the current conditions of your stay will continue to apply until then. Please ensure that you comply with these conditions.

You now have until 02 April 2024 to either leave the United Kingdom (UK) or make another application to stay here.

You do not have a right of appeal or administrative review against the decision to cancel your permission to stay.

If you leave, or are already outside, the Common Travel Area (the UK, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland) before 02 April 2024 your permission will end immediately, and you will have to make a new application to re-enter the UK.

Consequences of staying in the UK unlawfully

If you stay in the UK without permission to do so:

• you can be detained

• you can be prosecuted, fined and imprisoned

• you can be removed and banned from returning to the UK

• you will not be allowed to work

• if you do work illegally, your earnings may be seized, and assets confiscated

• you will not be able to rent a home

• you may not be able to claim any benefits and you may be prosecuted if you try to

• you can be charged by the NHS for medical treatment and if you fail to pay, this may prevent you from remaining in or re-entering the UK

• you can be denied access to a bank account

• your existing bank account may be closed or frozen and any balance withheld unless you leave

• Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency can prevent you from driving by taking away your UK driving licence

How to check your immigration status online?

To check your own immigration status in the UK, you can use the Home Office’s online service called “View and prove your immigration status.”


This service is available to individuals who have applied for a UK visa or immigration permission and have received a digital immigration status instead of a physical document or vignette.

To access your immigration status, follow these steps:

Go to the “View and prove your immigration status” page on the GOV.UK website: https://www.gov.uk/view-prove-immigration-status

View and prove your immigration status: get a share code

Click the “Start now” button.

Provide your personal details, including your:

  • Biometric residence permit number
  • Biometric residence card number
  • Passport number or travel document reference number
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth

After entering your information, click “Continue” to sign in to your UK Visas and Immigration account.

Once you’ve logged in, you will be able to view your immigration status details, including your visa type, expiry date, and any conditions or restrictions associated with your stay in the UK.

Remember to keep your login credentials secure, and always access your immigration status through the official GOV.UK website to ensure the authenticity and safety of your personal information.