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Episode Sixteen

In an effort to mix it up on our 5:30 am prayer line, I led the women into a series of personal questions concerning their spiritual gifts. These are the “organic”gifts God has given us, even before our birth.

“But when he, (God) who had set me apart before I was born, and who called me by his grace,” Galatians 1:15

I recognize my gifts as prophecy, giving, leadership, teaching, knowledge, and administration.

These spiritual gifts are freely given to us to support the work that we are “called” to do here on earth.

Gifts such as, Leadership: Lead, encourage and train others in the use of their gifts. Administration: Organization, time management, logistics and service. Teaching: Instructing in truths, unpacking revelation. The Ability to help others learn. Knowledge: Revelation. Wisdom: The ability to discern, and understand the best decision to make. Prophecy: A Holy Spirit lead reveal and the recognition of the truth about a situation, and events past and future. Exhortation: Motivate others. Shepherding: Leading and caring for the welfare of others (a Pastoral or Missionary calling). Faith: Trusting God to fulfill His plan. Evangelism: Building and calling others to God. Apostleship: Motivators, church planters, missionaries: people who look and work beyond the walls. Service/Helps: Helping those in need of assistance. Mercy: Acts of compassion, advocating for those in need. Giving: Ability to give freely and with joy. Hospitality: Making people feel welcome, appreciated, and wanted. We all have different gifts in different dimensions of range and activation. Some of us are stronger in some gifts than others.

In the Parables of the talent, Mathew 25:15“to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his ability“. God is a strategic investor, expecting a return on his investment in us. So the question again is “what are your spiritual gifts and how are you using them”.

Our gifts are tools, so like all tools we have to understand what that tool does, learn how to use it. We can then practice, practice and keep using the tools to become proficient masters in their use. My father was a “master leather craftsman”.

He recognized his gifts early in Cuba. From the age of 13, until a year before his death, he used his skill of leather craftsmanship with artistic precision.

He was abundantly skilled at using leather, (new, used and recycled), by hand or machine, working with very specialized tools, and craft custom made shoes, sandals, bags, belts, etc. He worked daily with joy and intent, extending his gift of “leather craftsmanship” in service to others. He repaired and made leather shoes, bags, boots, coats, jackets, baby and adult shoes and sandals for large, narrow, or unusual size feet (length and width). He never shamed the customers, he found great joy with the challenge of making a pair of shoes or sandals for their special needs.

My father, like my grandfather, was known for his gifts. People from all walks and economies of life came to my dad for help. Both my dad and grandfather were known for their compassion and generosity to others. His concern was never the money, but to provide those in need with the best, and most comfortable shoes, boots and sandals.

My dad worships God through his gifts and his service. Although my dad had other gifts, (hospitality, mercy, compassion, giving, and the gift of prophecy), his greatest offering back to God was in his craftsmanship. His other gifts supported his craftsmanship and provided the drive for him to do more, serve more, and give more to all he encountered that needed his gifts. So, back to the women that I lead in prayer, and you.

Do you understand and acknowledge your spiritual assignment, your gifts and your calling?

Are you using your gifts in gratitude, worship and service back to God?

Have you or your children identified their special gifts? Do you support and encourage them in the use of their gifts?

As we practice and use our gifts, we are participating in the act of pure worship and thanksgiving back to God, the one that invested these beautiful gifts abundantly in us.


“A family is like a forest, when you are outside it is dense, when you are inside you see that each tree has its place.” – African Proverb

By: Sonia M. Wignall

Sonia Wignall is the CEO of Diaspora Global Foundation.

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