By Fidel Amakye Owusu

1. As part of Ghana’s national counterterrorism measures, the National Security Council has involved the general citizenry. On our phones, we receive the “see something, say something” SMS message.

2. With this, citizens are encouraged to report any suspicious sightings or moves they come by during their regular activities. For this to be taken seriously, however, the citizen must “feel” a part of the nation.

3. And so what?

4. It appears that for a nation to get its security right, all citizens must be on board. A united country, while not invincible, is difficult to defeat.

5. Could the polarization of American society during and after the 2000 campaigning and elections and the 9-11 intelligence failure in 2001 not have any correlation?

6. Did the fractured society of Turkey not have anything to do with the attempted coup in 2016 that almost toppled the “democratic” system?

7. Is it possible to establish a relationship between the untamed political gulf in the United States during the 2016 elections and the intelligence failure that prevented the country from noticing Russian interference in the elections early enough?

8. Why these questions?

9. While the Israel-Palestine conflict has been an albatross around the neck of the international community that needs a solution, the intelligence failure in Israel which allowed so many people including toddlers to be killed in such a short time is mind-boggling.

10. Admittedly, every intelligence community could be outdone by actors who seek to achieve some goals. However, Israel’s intelligence service (among the most experienced in the world) getting evaded by a large-scale operation like was carried out by Hamas is news.

11. The elephant in the room.

12. For months, Israel has been a polarized society. Protests against the Netanyahu government have been incessant and massive. The Prime Minister has been obstinate about his unpopular reforms of the Judiciary, while those who oppose these reforms have vowed to stay on the streets to register their displeasure. None has blinked

13. For a state that is on constant alert, this societal and political fracture had possibly affected the efficacy of its intelligence, especially HUMINT. The human resources of the Israeli security establishment and its political class do not maintain a clear line. Israel is known for having retired generals and other officers actively engaged in politics. This is why politicians must do everything to avoid a polarized society.

14. In the past months, if there is anything Israeli government officials have focused on, it has been their survival in the political scene. This, perhaps, led to a security lapse which was exploited by Hamas.

15. Give peace a chance.

By Fidel Amakye Owusu – International Relations and Security Analyst and Writer

Article Reproduced with Permission from Fidel Amakye Owusu

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