We, the Federalists of Malawi and citizens united by common values, solely declare for our country and the world to know;

That we are created equal and that Malawi belongs to all, be it Chewa, Nyanja,Lomwe, Yao, Tumbuka, Tonga, Ngoni, Ngonde, Sena and Lambya, etc.. And that government should favor some and disadvantage the others;

We believe that all our people have been denied development for more than 57years of independence, and 30 years of democracy by a unitary system of government founded on injustice, inequality, self-centered interests,manipulation and exploitation;

We believe that a system of government that not only remains stasis with no development but also has a tendency to promote the interests of the few instead of the common good, has to be modified for the better;

We strongly believe that our country will never see development, be infrastructure and/or economic development until a system of governance that provides a foundation for an effective government and better service delivery is put in place;

And that our country will only become economically and socially stable, if the national government put focus on primary public obligations and keep its priorities straight;

We firmly believe that our country will never heal from nepotism, tribalism and regionalism, until the principles that champion the rights and liberties of individual citizens and their respective regions are incorporated;

And that our country will never win the fight against corruption until a highly constitutional decentralized federal system of government is adopted;

It is also of particular significance to know that our people will remain in shackles of poverty until a form of government which delivers goods and services to the people is adopted;

To put in place an inclusive system that bring the government closer to the people in order to respond directly to their needs and aspirations;

The government that answers to its citizens directly and respect the rule of law can address inequity, correct injustice, and serve the good of all;

We believe that empowered citizens can address social problems from the bottom up;

We believe that only a democratic society with vibrant civil society, based on the will of all the people, can guarantee a safe place for all;

And therefore, we adopt this Federal Charter;

And we pledge ourselves to effortlessly work together with commitment,dedication, and a spirit of integrity until the push for the federal system of government agenda has been won.

Endorsed by:

Lusungu B Simba Mwakhwawa (Federalism Institute, Leader)

Rt. Hon. Richard Msowoya (Former Speaker of National Assembly)

Rt. Hon. Atupele Muluzi (Political Leader)

Rt. Hon Enoch Chihana (Alliance for Democracy, President)

Hon. Bwanali MP (Member of Parliament and Federalism Institute member)

Hon. Joshua Chisa Mbele (Engineer, Politician and Social Activist)

Dr. Bina Shaba PhD (United Federal Movement, President)

Prophet David Mbewe (Religious Leader)

Dr. Rex Kalolo PhD (Religious leader, Federalism Institute)

Prof.Bona Mkandawire PhD (University Lecturer, Federalism Institute member)

Patani Kaira (Federalism Institute member)

Macford Chinonga (Civil society, Federalism Institute member)

Christopher Kambalame (Lawyer, Federalism Institute member)

Rehema Patricks (Civil society, Federalism Institute member)

Juma Slander (Muvi Wachilungamo Revolutionary, Leader)

Abdul Mtenje (University Student, Federalism Institute member)

Salome Kamwana (University student, Federalism Institute member)

Amosi Phiri (University student, Federalism Institute member)

Limbikani Nyirenda (Federalism Institute member)

Martha Mkandawire (Federalism Institute member)

Bruce Kaponda (Federalism Institute member)

Felix Mwale (Federalist)

Hon. Bon Kalindo (Politican and Political Activist)

Sadi Yassin Sadrick Anowa (Pharmacist, Federalism Institute member)

Fegson Phabuli (Journalist, Federalism Institute member)

Brenda Aisha Sanudi (Journalist, Federalism Institute member)

Michael Munyenyembe (Farmer, Federalism Institute member)

Mike Bangu Bose Kaponda (Business man, federalist)