Ahead of what is expected to be a radical revolution throughout Malawi, from the 3rd of March 2023- if the president of Malawi fails to call for a referendum on the adoption of federal system of government. The Federalism Institute would like to urge the police and armed forces to show professionalism in their policing of assemblies and ensure every necessary efforts to prevent crisis.

We condemn what has happened in the past, where the police have used tear gas and water cannon in an unnecessary and disproportionate way. On certain occasions, armed forces also fired live ammunition. It is also of serious concern that the Malawi government and the Police have further responded through acts of police brutality that have resulted in the loss of lives of protesters, unlawful detention of protesters and disruption of peaceful protests.

Be reminded that the constitution of Malawi gives every single individual Malawian the right of freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, the right to participate in public affairs, and the right to petition their government to address their concerns, which are particularly fundamental aspects of citizenship.

We also call upon the government of Malawi to give proper instructions to the members of military, while vehemently condemn “Shoot to Kill” directives with a reference to the 2012 scenario. In case such happens be assured there would be a serious disaster. “Gone are days of fear, Gone are the days for killing defenceless Malawians”.

This notwithstanding, the military should not be used to police assemblies-it is against the general laws. Only in emergency circumstances, the military can carry out law enforcement functions that are bound by the constitution of Malawi and international norms and standards.

For 58 years of independence, Malawians are already suffering from abject poverty, bad politics, and state organised corruption etc. . Furthermore, are disappointed about the lack of actions and that explains the need to change the system of governance from unitary system to federal system.

In accordance with the constitution, Malawians have all the legal rights to demand governance system change which would put an end to economic and social hardships, serious and organize corruption, inequitable distribution of national resources, nepotism, regionalism, poor service delivery, ineffective administrations, and abuse of state powers among others.

Lastly we take upon us the responsibility to ensure that the coming revolution is peaceful. However, the revolution can be peaceful or violent-it all depends upon the government intervention. In the words of John K Kennedy, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Peaceful political transition is what we so desire.

Signed by

by Lusungu B Simba Mwakhwawa Federalism Institute, Leader