We are excited to announce our brand new partnership with the digital media platform Diaspora Digital News!

The partnership will allow us to republish content from Diaspora Digital News on a dedicated section of the CRW NEWS website. Diaspora Digital news will also feature content from CRW NEWS on their website.

Diaspora Digital is a digital media broadcasting platform driven by the power of diaspora-led development that publishes stories on global migration and promoting diaspora engagement. Diaspora Digital News report news on a variety of topics affecting those living within the diaspora from business and technology to humanitarianism and sports and fashion. 

This partnership with Diaspora Digital News will allow us both to give our audiences access to a greater number of interesting news articles and stories.

The Founder of CRW NEWS, Jamie Vutabwarova, shared his thoughts on this exciting collaboration, stating that “Since the inception of CRW News, our mission has been to provide accurate, unbiased, and credible news to our global audience. This partnership with Diaspora Digital represents an exciting leap forward in our quest to revolutionize news delivery. By harnessing the power of advanced technology, we will expand our reach, engage with more diverse communities, and continue delivering the news that matters most. We are inspired by the possibilities presented by this collaboration and look forward to strengthening our joint commitment to objective journalism.”

Theresa R. Fianko, Founder and Managing Editor of Diaspora Digital News, shared this passion for the upcoming partnership, saying that “We are thrilled to partner with CRW NEWS to embark on this new journey of making a meaningful impact to development through our new media platforms. Diaspora Digital News shares in the mission of CRW NEWS in providing ethical and informational reportage of global migration stories to promote diaspora engagement. Working together with an aligned vision, we look forward to leverage digitization to use our platforms in reaching every inhabitable continent – telling positive stories that will lead to global development.”

She also added that “the partnership has a great potential of increasing the reach of both media entities.” And that “together, we can succeed and do so much good to the development of the digital media space.

There will be articles on our website exclusively from Diaspora Digital News coming soon.

To learn more about Diaspora Digital News and the content they post visit the Diaspora Digital News website here.