By Monica Brown

Dads. The strong, silent types. The grill masters, the fix-it men, the shoulder to cry on (though maybe not openly weep on). They’re the backbone of families, the providers, the protectors. But in the tapestry of emotions we weave in our relationships, a colour often goes missing: appreciation.

Society whispers that men don’t crave affection, that expressing gratitude is somehow unmanly. But the truth, the unspoken truth, is that dads yearn for recognition just as much as anyone. They spend countless hours shaping our lives, offering unwavering support, and yet, a simple “thanks” can be elusive.

222 Best Thankful Messages and Quotes for Dad

This Father’s Day, let’s break the silence. Let’s celebrate the #MenWhoMatter in our lives by expressing our appreciation, not just with a store-bought tie, but with genuine words and actions. Here are some tips, no matter your age:

For the Little Ones: Dads love feeling needed. Even young children can help with simple tasks like setting the table or putting away laundry. A heartfelt “Thank you for helping me, Daddy” can melt even the toughest exterior.

For the Teenagers: The teenage years can be a battlefield of emotions. But a handwritten note expressing gratitude for his unwavering support, even during those rocky times, can speak volumes.

For the Adult Children: Sometimes, life takes us far from our dads. A phone call where you share a specific memory and express how much his guidance shaped you can bridge any distance.

For All Ages: Actions speak louder than words. Plan a family activity he enjoys, cook his favourite meal, or simply offer to help with a project he’s been putting off.

Lessons from Dad

Appreciation isn’t about grand gestures; it’s about acknowledging the little things, the sacrifices made, the love shown in a million unspoken ways. Here are some unspoken truths about what dads might secretly appreciate:

They appreciate being noticed. Notice the little things they do, the extra effort they put in. A simple, “Hey Dad, I saw you…” can go a long way. 30 Thank You Messages for Father Figures

They appreciate being included. Don’t relegate them to the sidelines of activities you enjoy. Invite them in, share your passions with them.

They appreciate open communication. Dads crave connection too. Talk to them about your life, your dreams, your fears. Let them be your confidant. 25 Sweet Father’s Day Messages, Wishes And Quotes

This Father’s Day, let’s rewrite the narrative. Let’s #SayThanksDad and show the men who matter just how much they mean to us. Because under the surface of that strong, silent exterior beats a heart that craves connection and appreciation, just like anyone else’s.

Monica Brown, Changemaker, Activist And Social Entrepreneur, CRW NEWS Freelance Columnist

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