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Today we will unpack #part2 of the article *Addressing Gender-Based Violence in the South African Workplaces*.

Without further delays let us get into discussing the impact of #gbv in the workplace on individuals and organisations. We will highlight the detrimental effects of #genderbasedviolence on victims and on organisations.

Gender-based violence at work can have significant and wide-ranging impacts on individuals who experience it. Some of the key impacts include:

  1. Physical and Emotional well-being

GBV at work can result in physical injuries, chronic health problems and psychological trauma. It can cause stress, anxiety, traumatic stress disorder, depression which affect an individual’s overall well-being.

2. Job Performance and #productivity

Victims of #gbv may experience difficulties in concentrating, making decisions and carrying out their job responsibilities effectively.It can lead to a decline in job performance, reduce productivity and missed workdays due to physical or mental health issues.

3. #Career Progression

GBV can hinder an individual’s career advancement opportunities. The fear, humiliation and negative impact on self-esteem may lead victims to avoid seeking promotions or taking on challenging assignments.This can limit their professional growth and potential.

4. Work environment and Relationships

GBV creates a hostile and #toxicworkenvironment .It can strain relationships with colleagues , supervisors, managers , disrupt teamwork and erode trust and morale within the organisation. This unhealthy atmosphere may further isolate victims and make it challenging for them to seek support.

5. Economic Consequences

GBV in the workplace result in financial burdens.Victims may incur medical expenses, legal fees, loss of income due to absenteeism or job loss. The financial strain can have long term effects on their financial stability and future prospects.

6. Personal Life and Relationships

Experiencing GBV at work can spill over into an individual’s personal life, affecting their relationships with family, friends and partners. It can lead to social isolation , strained relationships and a sense of fear and vulnerability outside of work.

In summary I just would like to say that it is crucial to recognise and address the impact of gender based violence at work on individuals. We need to start providing them with support , resources and a safe environment to heal and recover.

Organisations and society at large must work together to prevent and respond to gender-based violence , ensuring the well-being and dignity of all individuals in the workplace.

GBV at work can have significant impacts on organisations as well. Here are some key effects:

  1. Decreased Productivity

GBV can negatively impact overall productivity within the organisation. Employees who experience violence may be distracted, stressed or emotionally affected, learning to decreased focus and efficiency in their work.This lower productivity levels for individuals and teams.

2. Increased absenteeism and Turnover

Victims of GBV at work may need time off work to address their physical and mental health needs.They might have to attend legal proceedings or seek support to deal with what is happening to them at work.

This definitely will result in increased absenteeism and will disrupt work schedules and production targets. Additionally if organisations do not effectively address and prevent GBV, employees may choose to leave the organisation.

3. Damaged #Reputation and #Employer #Brand

#Reputationmanagement is a costly affair for companies and instances of GBV within an organisation can damage their reputation and the employer brand.

News of workplace violence can spread quickly, impacting the organisation’s image and attractiveness as an employer. This can also deter potential employees from seeking employment with the organisation and may even result in negative #publicity .

4. #Legal and #financial Consequences

Failing to address GBV in the workplace can expose organisations to legal liabilities. Lawsuits, legal settlements and fines can have significant financial implications for the organisation.

Legal consequences may also include damage to the organisation’s reputation and #public #perception.

5. Erosion of Employee Trust and Morale

When employees witness or become aware of #gbv within the workplace, it can erode trust in the organisation.Employees may feel disillusioned, unsafe and unsupported. This can lead to decreased employee morale, collaboration and teamwork.

6.#Compliance and #Regulatory #Issues

South Africa have laws and regulations in place to prevent and address GBV in the workplace. Failure to comply with these legal obligations can result in legal consequences , regulatory scrutiny and potential sanction for the company.

In summary I would like just to encourage leadership of organisations, institutions and companies to address and prevent GBV in the workplace. It is crucial that leadership take responsibility to ensure that your management, staff, clients or customers know how serious you take the zero tolerance stand against GBV.

Monica Brown, Changemaker, Activist And Social Entrepreneur, CRW NEWS Freelance Columnist

Article Reproduced with Permission from Monica Brown

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