By Deborah Williams,
Staff Writer

The 2nd Annual Maso Awards ceremony was held at the Amaryllis Hotels Blantyre on the 26th of November, 2022. It recognized the best recordings , compositions , and artists of the eligibility year, running from November 1st, 2021 to October 31st, 2022. Going into Saturday’s ceremony , Driemo, Gwamba, Eli Njuchi and Piksy were the year’s leading nominees with three nods each, followed by Onesimus and Suffix with two apiece — but Gwamba and Onesimus left with zero wins while Driemo and Suffix were the big winners as they got home with two trophies each.

Nominations by Categories

Here is the full list of Maso Awards 2022 Nominees by categories:

Artist of the Year (Male)

1. Driemo

2. Eli Njuchi

3. Gwamba

4. Piksy

5. Onesimus

Artist of the Year (Female)

1. Toriah

2. Temwa

3. Leslie

4. Tuno

5. Keturah

Song of the Year

1. Anana by Piksy

2. Gugugu by Eli Njuchi

3. Open your heart by Onesimus and Janta

4. Weni weni by Driemo

5. MvetselaTemwa and Zeze Kingston

Album of the Year

1. True Independence by Gwamba

2. 30’s by Lawi

3. Red Flag by Eli Njuchi

4. Ndabwerandi Nkhani by Kell Kay

5. Mtunda by Piksy.

Best Live Act of the Year

1. Lawi

2. Eli Njuchi

3. Paul Kahala

4.Tay GRIN

5. Lulu

Media Personality of the Year

1.Priscilla Kayira

2. Kelvin Silungwe

3. Garry Samati

4. Super DT

5. Blackjack Che Kalonda

Song of the Year (Gospel )

1. MwandikonderaSuffix ft Ndirande Anglican voices and Kambwiri sisters

2. Ulemelero Wanu- Free worship ft Praise Umali

3. Amao- Dear Josh

4. Testimony- Shammah Vocals

5. Vinyo watha- Mlaka Maliro

Best Gospel Act of the Year

1. Shyreen Kalulu

2. Wendy Harawa

3. Apostle Chitheka

4. Free Worship

5. Suffix

Manager of the Year

1. Van Ngongo

2. Prince Chikweba

3. Tonderai Banda

4. Kelvin Silungwe

5. Wisdom Phanga

DJ of the Year

1. Dj Tawa

2. Dj Mask

3. Dj Joy Nathu

4. Dj Mighty Virus

5. Dj Rubbie

Best Collabo of the Year

1. Legends – Phyzix ft. various Artis ts

2. Mwandikondera- Suffix ft Ndirande Anglican Voices and Kambwiri sisters

3. One Song Bee Jay ft. Veda Njuchi

4. Maphoto- Gwamba ft Emm Q

5. E x -Lover -Onesimus and Janta.

Video Director of the Year

1. Vinny Visuals

2. T w ice P 3.

3. Hendrix Kanchowa

4. Seany Films

5. Keong Kadango.

Producer of the Year

1. Tactic

2. Sispense

3. Martin Angel ‘s

4. BFB

5. Chuxy Tipats Plan.

Best Duo/Group of the Year

1. Bee Jay and Ace JIZZY

2. Maravi Kings

3. G Lynux Music group

4. The Waves

5. My Soul Acapella group.

Sound Engineer of the Year

1.John Nthakomwa

2. Biblical Chizmo

3. Jonas Tembo

4. Shadreck Kalukusha

5. Jabey Nkhwazi

Best dance group of the Year

1. Fighter s dance group

2. B squad

3. TNT dancing group

4. From the ground up (FGU)

5. Team Ice.

Upcoming Artist of the Year (Female)

1. Nancy Fortune Dent

2. Kelly Devine Njuchi

3. Fio Music

4. Megg Switch

5. Nonnymous MW.

Upcoming Artist of the Year (Male)

1. Zonke Too Fresh

2. Afana Ceez

3. Mellz

4. Dear Josh

5. Lil Twessa.

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