By Fegson Phabuli, Staff Writer

Maxwell is very special. Not only is he sophisticated and handsome, but he has a wonderful sense of humor and integrity. 

Sometimes the hardest decisions are only meant to be made because a better purpose is waiting. Closing one door to walk through another doesn’t mean goodbye. It means believing in yourself and intuition to create your best self in the unknown. 

Just as it is said that nothing of significance and/or of value comes easy, the experience from his Jamaican friend Ms. Majorine Higgins who at that time old enough to be his mother tempted Maxwell Christian faith by asking him to accept her marriage proposal with the view of making him rich. Being a young man who believes that human dignity is a spiritual right that could not be sacrificed under any circumstances, it was difficult for him to accept such request. Although the promises of making him rich was also a tight rope on his neck considering his background but still he had to reject the offer after long restless nights with deep meditations. One can imagine how hard it was to make such bold decision. 

In this 21st Century where materialism entered the heart of humanity, it’s rare to find young people like Maxwell who have the courage to think differently, courage to maintain their dignity, to travel the unexplored path, and courage to discover who they really are. Just as Pope John Paul II once said that, “Young people are threatened.. by the evil use of advertising techniques that stimulate the natural inclination to avoid hard work by promising the immediate satisfaction of
every desire”. 

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