Youth Empowerment

Dikeh’s approach to development is centered around youth and women empowerment and skills development as the foundation for economic growth.

As a response to the ill of society, on the 27th of August 2000, Dikeh was compelled to set up her foundation, “Tonto Dikeh Foundation”. The Foundation was established with a clear vision and passion for making life better for all displaced and under privilege women, girls, youth, and children in Africa, in-respective of their Political, Religious, and Cultural differences.

It also aims at organizing regular sensitization programs and symposium discussions that bring sanity and civility to the black race; by taking issues that affect women, gender issues, rape, empowerment, climate change, and child right.

Dikeh, who is also the current Director of Social and Empowerment, Committee of Youth on Mobilisation and Sensitisation (CYMS), is very committed by urging the government to strategise means of including a good number of youths in governance

“If we do not recognise the fact and the problems of the youths, we will only see prosperity, we will only see the country that we deserve is a mirage. “What do I mean, it is time to include the youths in the position of power for them to be able to change the country, “ she said.

Women Empowerment 

The issue of women’s empowerment and gender equality is at the top of agendas across the world, as gender inequality is widespread in all cultures. In developing countries, gender disparity is highly rampant compared to the developed countries.

Most importantly, in Nigeria, gender-based discrimination and inequalities are very much apparent, although the government is working aggressively towards alleviating such problems. As a result, low empowerment of women and high gender gap still impede the development process of the country.

Even though the country is on the path of development in various respects, the likelihood of its sustainability is in question state, given such a large gender disparity. Hence, Dikeh commitment to empower women and achieve gender equality for the sustainable development of the country.

She has made it her mission to give back and push for equality, and she hasn’t stopped. Through her work as an actress, businesses, charity organization, and big heart,Tonto never ceases to amaze the world. The star has been especially supportive towards women empowerment and has even provided generous donations to empowerment efforts. Through her foundation thousands of women have been supported with entrepreneurship grants.  

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