By Kachong

Biodynamic farming is a farming system which merges both ecological and holistic farming practices based on the principles related to the spiritual philosophy of anthroposophy (anthroposophy is the philosophy of the wisdom of the human being and developing a conscious awareness of one’s humanity).

Biodynamic farming is inspired by the peculiarity of each topography and the natural ecosystems biodiversity. Both plants and animals can create a diversity on the farm which improves the health and resilience of the organisms as well as creates a form of uniqueness to the farm and the compost gotten from the animals. Diversity can be developed on the farm if the required level of biodiversity is not attained initially. This is possible through gradually introducing new species of animals to the farm and new varieties of plants.

A biodynamic farm is seen as a whole living organism that consists of various elements including plants, animals, the soil, the people, the fields, forest, and the spirit of the place. These elements are managed, cultivated, and integrated in a dynamic manner to ensure the health and life of the farm is supported. Each farm is developed as a unique individual as the farmers pay attention to the land to understand what would best be cultivated on it.

Biodynamics creates a balance in the ecosystem as plants, animals and the soil interact with each other to support and create stability in the web of life.

Plants enjoy good health and nutrients from the soil without any form of chemicals from fertiliser or other chemicals used during farming, pre-farming, and post-harvest. The farm is usually able to generate its alternative source of fertility aside the natural nutrients gotten from the soil. Soil fertility is improved using compost manure, the practice of crop rotation and the use of cover crops. Compost is prepared in a biodynamic way that ensures nitrogen content and other important nutrients are stabilised in the compost. This can increase the quality of the compost and increases the amount of carbon present which helps in climate balance.

Biodynamics raises animals’ stocks and seed varieties locally to ensure the plants and animals raised on the farms are uniquely adapted to the area. It is also able to excellently thrive in the area in perfect condition which can ensure and promote optimum productivity. Animals are fed with the appropriate diet that they need to help them better express their selves and maintain good and healthy life. Biodynamics is a participatory and intentional way of raising crops and animals to provide food for humans and conserve the planet.

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